RAU ACCEL – the first University Accelerator in Romania

The first step into entrepreneurship

The first university pre-accelerator in Romania dedicated to the education and training of students in the entrepreneurial area, begins in 2021. The program brings expert mentors and investors from different fields to help young people have the best first entrepreneurial experience.


After completing RAU Accel you will have a clearer vision of your business brand, a well-structured and organized pitch, a validated and profitable business model, as well as a suitable marketing strategy for your customers.

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Perfect Pitch

A clear and concise presentation of your business that you can support in front of mentors and investors.

Business Model

The way your business creates and delivers value to customers.

Brand Vision

The goals behind the brand that guide you into the future.

Market Strategy

The best way to reach potential customers as well as a strategy to convert them.

Program Flow


  • Kickoff

    – 19th of March 2021

  • Inspiration warmup

    – 25th of March 2021

  • Ideation

    – 1th of April 2021

  • Validation

    – 8th of April 2021









  • Brand

    – 22nd of Arpil 2021

  • Go2Market

    – 6th of May 2021

  • Business Model

    – 13th of May 2021

  • Mentoring

    – 20th of May 2021









– 2nd of June

  • Pitch

  • Demoday

  • Press release & Alumni Support









See To Believe

Program Benefits

Dedicated mentors

Over 50 mentors with experience in various business fields to help you grow quickly and sustainably.

Public Awareness

Press releases as well as online advertising for you and your business

Trainings & Workshop

Intense sessions with top experts.

Reason One

FUNDING Opportunities

When your business is mature enough and has paying clients,  you will need more capital to grow and develop. You can turn to mutual funds or private investors for investment. After the company evaluation, the equity that the investor will take will be negotiated in this way you will have the capital to go forward with your business.

More than one reason


  • Pitch your venture to INVESTORS

  • Meet potential Corporate Customers



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